Family is at the Heart of our Business

Teekca’s Boutique

Since 1995, Teekca’s Boutique has carried a wide range of handcrafted, artist inspired, or manufactured giftware with Indigenous artwork. We showcase over 300 Indigenous artisans and designers from all over turtle island. Come take a look…

Supporting Indigenous Artisans + Promoting Indigenous Skills

Community Commitment

Teekca’s Boutique provides an opportunity for Indigenous artisans to showcase their beautiful works of art and crafts to the international world.

When tourists visit Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique at the Forks Market they are amazed at the cultural gifts available to take back to their home country. Over the years, Teekca’s has been approached by schools and organizations to facilitate cultural teachings, and workshops for mukluk-making, bead work, dreamcatchers and soapstone making to name a few.

This helps to promote the understanding and the importance of Indigenous knowledge and skills. Teekca’s also provides an opportunity for young Indigenous people entering the workforce by providing the employment opportunity to learn work skills in the retail profession.

Lastly, Teekca’s is very supportive to the Indigenous community of youth, women, elders, and veterans through numerous opportunities of sponsorship and resourcing.